about 23th

忘年会&Christmas Party☆
12:00 meet at Shugakuin
Let's make cake, pizza, nan bread, Sushi!!
visitor have to leave Shugakuin at 22:00. we can dismiss or go drinking. it's depend on you.
participants(now):Kei, Nao, Tina, Onur, Chosa. those who wanna join, pls send Kei.

New Year Tripについて

we leave Kyoto in the day time on 27th. we can't researve MoonLightKyushu because it's already full... transport will be a rental car or local train.
let's go around Kyushu. pls gather the information!!
we are going to ...
Fukuoka pref.:Mojiko port, Yoshinogari iseki(remain), Yanagawa, street shops(noodle etc...)(ラーメンとか)
Oita pref.:Yufuin, Kurokawa, Beppu(all are famous for Onsen), Yamanami highway
Kumamoto pref.:Kumamoto castle, Aso(famous for its nature and onsen)
Kagoshima pref.:Sakurajima
Miyazaki :Nichinan beach, Fenix Seagaia Resort

if you have opinions, pls tell us!!