New Year Trip

We're going to Kyushu(mainly south area)☆
date will be 12/27(at night on 26th)-1/6 you can join and leave any time you want.
start date will be decided on next meeting.
schedule will be...
26th night leave Kyoto
27th morning arrive at Fukuoka, rent a car
27th-26th around Beppu(Oita pref.)
28th-29th south Oita or Miyazaki
30th-31th see the first sunrize in Miyazaki or Kumamoto
1st-3rd around Kumamoto  3th-4th west Oita
4th-5th Fukuok, retern the car. leave for Kyoto.

reservation of MoonLightKyushu:Kei
Contact with Kei's grandfather(He lives in Miyazaki):Kei
Think about where to go:everyone
research the participants:Nao
reservation of hotels:Nao
reservation of rent-a-car:Kei

small trips

12/16(sun) Shugakuin palace
12/23(sun) Fushimi inari & Chiristmas party
Driving around lake Biwa is postponed until the next year. 以上