Kobe Trip

Pls get together at Hankyu Kawaramachi sta. at 9:00.
It takes 1h45min, and costs 600yen for one way.
Let's enjoy eating cakes, Nankinmachi, night view from Mt.Rokko.

Tokyo Trip

Nao and Kei are researching the transportion and hotels.
We're planning to do sightseeing around Tokyo on 22 and 23, and go around Yokohama on 23, Kamakura on 24.

Osaka Trip

Spa World(1800yen), around Shinsekai (Tsutenkaku, old fasion shopping mall etc...)
Sightseeing(Chosa is our guide☆):ikayaki, takoyaki, udon, Korea Town, Osaka castle, Sky Tower

Let's enjoy turning leaves(Koyo)

How about going to Chion-in, Kodai-ji or Kiyomizu-dera to see turning leaves after the next meeting(19th, mon)?