Tokyo Trip

11/21〜26(during NF)You can join or leave this trip anytime you want.
○How to go?(option)○
night train or plane or car or bus・・・Nao is researting... The cheapest way is night bus, but there are few available seats because of before the holidays.ン安いのは夜行バスですが、連休前ということもありかなり空席がなくなっています。
night train, plane, and is expensive...
○Where to go?○
how about going around Tokyo, Kanagawa, Shizuoka? Pls tell us where you want to go.
○What to research○
check the participants(foreigners)・・・Johan
those who want to join, pls tell Kei by 11/15.

Kobe Trip

○Where to go?○
・exhibition・eating cakes・night view(Mt.Maya)・Nankin machi
○What to research○
how to go・・・Akina
participants・・・if you want to join, pls tell Akina by 11/15

Osaka Trip

12/1(Sat)・・・Spa World(pls tell us other place to visit)
12/2(Sun)・・・Sightseeing(Chosa is our guide☆)
If you want to join, pls tell Ayaka.

Winter Trip

South Kyushu, Tohoku-area, Nagoya, Kanazawa are the options now☆

HP Member page

Member page is under the construction. You have the question about "your favorite scenery or place", pls tell Nao.