Tokyo Trip

11/23〜25(during Novemver Festival)、Kei will leave at night on 12/21
○HOW TO GO?(option)○
night train, plane, car or night bus
Tokyo Tower, Kasumigaseki, Kaminari-Mon, enjoy made cafe at Akihabara, Kanagawa Pref.(Kamakura)
Pls tell us where you want to go.
check the participants(foreigners)・・・Johan
If you want to join, pls send Kei by 11/12.

Osaka Trip

-First day-
12/1(Sat)Spa World・・・you can enjoy various hot spa...

-Second day-
12/2(Sun)Sightseeing&enjoy meals
Doton bori, Osaka castle, okonomiyaki, ikayaki, Kaiyu-kan, Sky Tower, WTC
・Osaka Shuyu Pass \2200―Keihan Line and Osaka subway 1day ticket + Tickets for Osaka castle, Sky Tower, WTC
・Osaka Kaiyu Ticket \2800―Keihan Line and Osaka subway 1day ticket + Ticket for Kaiyu-kan

※If you want to join, pls send Ayaka

Trip during winter vacation

Options are South Kyushu, Nagoya (Chubu area), Tohoku area now.
Winter vacation is during 12/27〜1/6 in Kyoto univ, so it'll be the date.
Pls send Chosa where you want to go, when you can join this trip.

From Mona

11/23 She joins the cast of play☆10:30@4共 If you have time, pls watch it♪     This play is half-English, half-Japanese.
11/24 14:00〜17:00@Jinkan535 study for Yashoku☆
11/25 Eating Turkish food☆Those who want to eat, pls tell Mona!


HP member page

Member page is under the construction. You have the question about "your favorite scenery or place", pls tell Nao.