Trips In Summer

-Jan's plans-
P;Let's go to enjoy watching fireflys!!
Q;Let's go to UJI!! Coz it's such a nice place!!

-Onur's plan-
Let's go to NAGOYA to watch SUMO, a Japanese traditional sport!!

-Asuka and Nozomi's plan-
Let's go to SHIRAHAMA!!

-Mona's plan-
Let's go to Korea or(and) China!!

-Pon's plan-
Let's test each courage in ARASHIYAMA at midnaight...

-Yuji's plans-
Let's go fishing in KOBE!!
Let's play Bangee Jumping!!

-Yukky's plan-
Let's play futsal(indoor football)!!

Impossible is Nothing!!No Challenge, No Life!!

Chosa hopes to go to...
Russia and North Korea

Kei and Mona hope to go to...
A desert island to camp

Jan and Akina hope to go to...
Hokkaido and Okinawa

And Nao hopes to go to...

The Galapagos!!!!