About Voja Party

☆Place and Date are decieded☆
6/25 (Mon) 18:00〜20:30@Yoshida Shokudo
(Preparing is started at 17:00)

I'd like you to buy tickets for 4800 yen in the meeting on 6/11 (Mon)
About Voja members, first 3 tickets are 1600yen for each.(with free ticket for yourselves)
Price is increased from 4th ticket.
Even tickets say they are 2000yen, selling price is depend on you.
But, don't tell your friends that original price is 1600yen, please!!

○Announcement○ Please advertise this party to your friends and ask if they will put their advertisement on our brochure handed out at Voja Party(B5-2000yen)
If you want to know datail about this, pls ask Chosa.

Driving Lake Biwa

○Picking up place and time○(Drivers:Yukky&Yuji)
8:15 Gojo(Yukky's friends)??―Yukky
8:20 Gojo-Kawaramachi(Kei)―Yukky
8:30 Kyoto sta.(Pon)―Yukky
   Seven Eleven near Kyoto gaidai(Asumi, Asuka)―Yuji
8:45 Shichijo-Keihan(Ayaka, Seina)??―Yukky
9:00 Shijo-Kawaramachi(Chosa, Jan, Onur, Liang's friend)―Yuji
9:05 Seven Eleven near Hyakumanben(Nao)―Yukky
9:10 Seven Eleven near Shugakuin(Liang)―Yukky

Thank you.