About Voja Party

AIM:Offer the chance to make friends with Japanese and exchange students
REFERENCE:Party held by Committee of Kyoto University students (April,September)
Vice chairman:Kei,(Secrtary:Onur)
Press agent―draft for flyers , how to advertise, design for ad on HP etc
Pon, Tommy
Entertaining planner―one or more drafts for the plan for each person
Yukky, Mona, Asumi, Liang
Place and Number―reserch of the place to hold the party, cost, capacity etc
Kei, Yuji
Account―management of the expense, how to discount
Nozomi, Nao

PC lecture by Chosa

☆Chosa lectures to us how to upload HP. Let's make nice Voja HP☆
after meeting on Monday or Thursday, or in the daytime on Saturday or Sunday
after the meeting on 28th(Mon)@Chosa's house (10〜15min by bike)
※Detail will be announced on Thursday

What we want to do in the near future

・basketball―Onur, Mona (by 5/24)
・night view from Daimonji―Kei(by 5/28)
・drive around Lake Biwa―Pon(Kohei)(by 5/28)
・Okinawa trip―Liang(by 6/4)
・Shirahama trip―Non (by 5/31)
・Kitano shirne―Nao (by 5/28)

Thank you.