Amanohashidate trip

Date: 5/13(Sun) one-day
Destination: Amanohashidate and sightseeing places around it (and maybe BBQ)
Transportation: Rental Car (via ‹ž“scŠÑŽ©“®ŽÔ“¹[toll-way])
Estimated time to the destination: 1 hrs. and 40 mins.
Route: ŒBŠ|IC ¨ ‹ž“scŠÑŽ©“®ŽÔ“¹ ¨ ’O”gIC ¨ ‘“¹27†ü ¨
ˆ»•”ˆÀ‘Ž›IC ¨ ‹ž“scŠÑŽ©“®ŽÔ“¹ ¨ ‹{’ÓV‹´—§IC ¨ ‘“¹178†ü ¨@‹ž“s•{“¹2†ü@¨ “V‹´—§

Who's coming???

Jan, —º, Chosa, Kei, Nao, Mona, Nojomi, Yukky(Yukio)
Zino will answer whether he is coming or not tomorrow.

If you are not listed above and want to join this trip,
pls contact Chosa by TOMORROW (ASAP).

How much is it???

It varies according to the number of people coming.
If it's 8, renting one car is cheaper.
If it's more than 9, renting two cars is cheaper.

8 people are coming -> 2,012 + gas(about 500) for each
9 people are coming -> 2,365 + gas(about 500) for each
10 people are coming-> 2,128 + gas(about 500) for each

Further details are available upon request, pls ask Chosa.

What we should do???

Reservation of the car(tomorrow): Yukky, Nojomi, Chosa
Make the time schedule: K
Research scenic places around Amanohashidate: Ryo
Buying Snacks and foods for BBQ: Yukky
Research where we can do BBQ: Kei
Rent cars(Saturday's night): Yukio, Mona
Return cars(Monday's morning): Chosa, Nao
Get cold box: Nao, Yukky, Mona, K
Treasurer: Chosa