19 Feb. 2007

About trip inside Japan

dates: 3/10 - 3/13 or 3/14
destinations: Ise and Hida-Takayama
places to visit: Investigating[Jan and Hirahira]
transportation: (1)train with Seishun-18 ticket
        (2)car rental

particiapants: investigating[K]
hotels: investigating[Nao]

costs: investigating[Chosa]
Seishun-18 ticket is 8,000 yen(5 days)
It's cheap because of anniversary of JR.
2000yen each day each person is required to rent a car.
therefore, maybe:
(1), 5days -> around 16,000yen
(2), 5days -> around 18,000yen
(1), 4days -> around 14,600yen
(2), 4days -> around 16,000yen

Investigations are due to 2/23