Welcoming new students

In this meeting,we had a few member attending
so that it was hard to discuss South East Asia trip and Inside Japan trip

Then we talked about how we welcome new students


‚PAKyoto sightseeing

With this event,not only new students but also we can have a fun
This event is just good for the students from out of Kyoto
and it seems exchange students who will come next April can enjoy it

The sites proposed to visit are
Ego around temples or shrines
Eclimb up the Mt.Daimonji(to see the good night viewj
Ewest of Kyoto
Esouth of Kyoto
Let's check up the interesting point or history about it
So,I will ask you what you want to check up.
please don't ignore me(†„H…)


We should tell them what we do,did and are going to do and why we want to do it with
using the photos and stories during Kyushu trip or South East Asia or something
we need to decide what we talk and make the Power Point later

‚RAParty—Yoshida restaurant

Let's lent the Yoshida restaurant and held a party
This party should be the place where both of exchange students and Japanese students can enjoy together
there is no restriction about age or grade and just simply having a fun
Things about Hanami,BBQ were not discussed today
When we felt like doing them,let's talk about

‚SAMaking flier

We need new fliers to hand them to new students
The Chick style flier might be used this time as well just for layout
but sentences should be changed
There is one suggestion to write them in various language™for example
We have members from various country!!Why don't we make the flier funny!?
please imagine it
A freshman walk through the Uni with his friend and they are handed a flier for each
but his friend's flier has some language which they can't read or even had never seen!!
sounds funny.exciting™
So! It seems good and we need everyone's cooperationôplease help it

That's all.Maybe Kei will send you email about everything needed to comfirm