About Kyushu trip

rough schedule

We want you all to write your comments about our trip.
Then we will add them to it.
Due:1/31 Send to:info@vojaganto.com
We also add the pictures.

About next trip

We will trip during March.
・Trip inside Japan from the beginning to the middle of March.
・Trip around Southeast Asia the middle of to the end of the March.
We will follow this schedule unless many of you diagree with it.

Then, we will have vote by sending you e-mail.
・Which (both) of trips will you join?
・Where do you want to go in Japan?
・Where do you want to go in Southeast Asia?
・When are you busy in March?

Then, it is from Katharina and Joe.
"We're going to Okinawa from February 21st to 28. Why don't you join us?"
If you can join, please contact Joe or Kei ASAP.

About how to welcome new students

・a picnic under the cherry blossoms (HANAMI)
・Just party
But!! Please remenber!! We are travelling circle!!
So♪ How about Sightseeing around Kyoto?

Or, someone proposed that Amanohashidate is good for visiting.
If you have some ideas, please tell us☆

By the way, we will welcome not only Japanese but new exhange students.

Some money should be paid by new students for the sightseeing.
Hanami, BBQ and party will be free for new students
It also sounds fun to have a party in the Yoshida restaurant for Japanese and exchange students to communicate with each other.
Maybe we can make money by it.(笑)
Details should be discussed in the next meeting.