12/04/2006 Report

-Trip to Kyushu in Winter vacation-

ScribeF Nyao TranslaterFKei

(1)Where to visit

On this trip, let's go around north of Kyushu!!
The route is Fukuoka -> Shimabara -> Kumamoto -> Onsen(hot spring) -> Fukuoka.
First we will take the train called Moonlight Kyushu which is night train to Fukuoka with Seishun18ticket.
Fukuoka is the hometown of Mona and Yoshiki.Let's have really delicious Ramen(chinese noodle).
Then,go to Shimabara by train and ship to see the beautiful view of the ocean and to see some historical things about Chiristianity maybe
Next,visit Kumamoto by ship and train.This city is hometown of Shamo!
And then,lent a car and drive to the Onsen to refresh or so on
Finally,get back to Fukuoka by train and leave for Kyoto
On the way,let's climb up a mountain to see the First Sun Rise In the Year,we call this ̏o(Hatsuhinode).
These are tentative dicisions.Perhaps something will be changed from now on.

(2) Date

We had idea that we will travel about 1 week
Options of date are
Let's vote that which schedule is the best for many one.
Please send which is the best for you
by TthiTuesdayj12:00 at night(Just before the Wednesday) to Kanana

(3) Budget

It is not so clear about budget.
However,let's try not to over the 30,000 yen!!!
Our motto is Cheap and Fun!

(4) Things we have to check up

On this trip,we have to check up something.
We have those things below with name who already undertake the task.
Fare,timetable,required time,etc... of the ship to ShimabaraJanAQQQ
Where to spend the night
ihotel,inn,youth hostel,etc...j
Timetable,state of reservation,etc... of Moonlight KyushuChosaAQQQ
Shop of lenting a car,and how much does it costChosaAQQQ
Which Onsen is the best
concerning crowdness
and fee
Which mountain is the best to see the sunrising
and how long does it take to the top
Good spot of FukuokaMonaAYoshikiAQQQ
Good spot of ShimabaraQQQAQQQ
Good spot of KumamotoShamo,Jan,QQQ
P@Kei and Kanana supervise the member about weather taking part in or not and so on.

Maybe we need more than 2 people to check up for each thing.
So please undertake at least one task.
And then send email like"WellAI will do this"
by TthiTuesdayj12:00 at night(Just before the Wednesday) to Kanana.
Please check it until Nexr Sunday.
You don't have to check it too hard, I mean I know we have manythings to do.
So please check it beside your work such as papers or studies or so on.
I'm sorry but I have no word to say that and that sentence is the only way to express what I want to say.

(5)Who will take part in

At this time,we still don't have exact information but
uKei,Chosa,Nyao,Shamo,Onur,Jan,Kanana,Joevwill join.
We need to confirm who will come so please send email like"I can and I will!!"(or not)
by TthiTuesdayj12:00 at night(Just before the Wednesday) to Kanana
Of course,you can join or leave on the way!

(6)Next Sunday

Next Sunday,let's meet at 13:00 in front of the clock tower as usual.
We share the information we checked with those who checked same category of you.
Then gather and form the informations.

(7)Next Monday

We will decide exact plan with those information. And make reservation of things on Tuesday at latest. Kei became one of the publicists of Vojaganto.
And this report is written by Kei using mysterious code-like-things.
Overmore it is 6 o'clock in the morning...I didn't sleep...
Even if there were mistakes in this report,please forgive me and overlook.
I'm not as good as Chosa or Yossi at this kind of thing yet.

That's all!Let's enjoy the trip! I'm really looking forward of it :)
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